International Conferences (Engish)

"Driving forces for poly(N-vinylcaprolactam) collapse upon heating", The 2nd International Conference on Chemistry and Material Science (Malang, Indonesia), 2-3th, Nov., 2019

"Promotion of homogeneous ice nucleation by polyvinyl alcohol",13th Mini-symposium on liquid (Okayama University, Japan), June 2019

"Promotion of homogeneous ice nucleation by soluble molecules", Asian International Symposium in the 99th Chemical Society of Japan Annual Meeting (Kobe, Japan), 18th, March, 2019

"Phase transition dynamics of water studied by molecular dynamics simulations", 6th Young Chemists Forum (Zhejiang University, China), 29th-30th, Dec., 2018

Co-non-solvency of methanol/water mixtures for hydrophobic molecules”, Physical Chemistry Seminar (Purdue University, USA), Jan. 2016

A new molecular level insight into how the hydrogen bond network is disordered in homogeneous ice melting”, SOKENDAI Asian Winter School (Institute for Molecular Science, Japan), Feb. 2013

Domestic Conferences (Japanese)

"下部臨界温度現象における高分子と水の相互作用",日本化学会第100春季年会,中長期企画「次世代分子システムが拓く未来の化学」(東京理科大学野田キャンパス)24th, Mar., 2020

"不凍糖タンパク質の氷吸着メカニズム", 研究会「化学反応のポテンシャル曲面とダイナミクス」(理化学研究所計算科学研究センター R-CCS)22th, Mar., 2019​

"分子動力学計算を用いた不凍タンパク質と氷の相互作用の研究"ワークショップ:結晶表面・界面での相転移ダイナミクスに関するその場観察および理論(北海道大学低温科学研究所)28-29th, Jan., 2019


Hydration Shell Transformation around Thermo-Sensitive Aqueous Polymers”, Workshop: In-situ observation and theoretical studies on elementary growth processes at crystal surfaces/interfaces (Hokkaido University, Japan), Jan., 2017

Solid-liquid critical behaviors of water confined in carbon nanotubes”, 9th Mini-symposium on liquid (Kyushu University, Japan), July 2015

A study for molecular mechanism of homogeneous ice melting”, Conference on “Crystallization mechanism on ice surface” (Hokkaido University, Japan), Jan. 2015